Absecon Mills is now offering our BlazeGard® flame barrier as an improved alternative to the options currently available.

Pattern 'Sherpa' with BlazeGard backing.

Pattern 'Sherpa' with BlazeGard backing.

BlazeGard® is a fireproof barrier that is revolutionizing fire-retardant textiles. The application process used in BlazeGard® fabrics provides ultimate barrier protection, yet retains the original look and texture of the fabric.

Additionally, Blazegard® not only provides the highest degree of effectiveness, but is environmentally non-invasive. It is biodgradable and contains no PBDEs. It is non-toxic and halogen free and contains no chemicals that threaten our fragile environment.

What’s more, Absecon is your single source solution, shipping fabrics already finished allowing you to get product to your customer quicker.

BlazeGard® passes the following tests:

  • California Technical Bulletins 116, 117, 129, 133, 603 & 604
  • British Crib 5
  • British Standards Institute’s BS1-5852
  • UFAC Class 1 for Upholstery Fabrics

Best of all, BlazeGard® gives you the ability to offer your customers a more effective flame barrier at a lower cost!

CombineBlazeGard® with fabrics made with Repreve® recycled yarns for a total 'green' package.

In addition to its continuing recycling program, Absecon is introducing more and more recycled yarns. Here’s a little information on Repreve‚ the recycled polyester in our Cantara Collection,  Earthly Treasures and the new Accolade Collection…

  • Repreve is made from 100% recycled materials, offsetting the need to use new crude oil. When you buy products made with Repreve, you’re supporting a company that will conserve gallons of gas by making recycled yarns. On average, one pound of Repreve conserves the equivalent of .5 gallons of gasoline. 
  • Repreve requires less energy to produce. Crude oil refining is a long process that consumes precious natural resources and energy—far more than it takes to process recycled materials into Repreve.
  • As a member of 1% For The Planet, Repreve purchases help donate to environmental causes.

Click here to download BlazrGard printable tear sheet.