Celebrating the Revival of American Manufacturing

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The American Craft Collection reflects the elegant simplicity of hand crafting, as well as the ingenuity employed by the first American factory founders, the pioneers of textile manufacturing.  Their ingenuity helped initiate the industrial revolution. 

Absecon Mills had its beginning in this movement, as William Taylor came to the United States from England and began the Taylor family’s history in textiles. His son, Fred Taylor, began as a ‘bobbin boy’ in a textile mill in the Kensington neighborhood of Philadelphia, a neighborhood dominated by the textile industry.  By the age of 42, he had risen to the founder and sole owner of Grenloch Tapestry Mills. In January of 1946, Fred’s son, Howard Taylor, started weaving tapestry fabric in Pleasantville NJ and Douglass Fabrics was created. Wishing to expand, Howard started Absecon Mills in Cologne NJ, where we have just introduced the American Craft Collection as an homage to the history of the textile industry. Still a family business with a rich tradition in textiles, Absecon is proud to make our products in America and represent the spirit of the American Craft movement. Click here to download the sample card. Contact your sales representative or samples@absecon.com for cards and memo swatches.