Whenever we have an order for Absecon fabric I can relax, knowing that the rolls of fabric will match and will ship on time. Absecon's Customer Service is second to none. If there is ever an issue, Margie notifies me immediately. I feel as though they are part of Hussey Seating and take every order personally. At least once a week, I get an update of open orders and I am notified of which orders are ready to ship/ I also get daily updates of the stock of quick ship fabrics. This allows us to improve our delivery dates by directing our Customers to in stock fabrics that can ship immediately. I wish every fabric Supplier was as dependable, easy to work with and had the quality of product that Absecon Mills has.

Jay Boston • Planner/Buyer • Hussey Seating Company

With the many changes in the fabric industry over the past several years it has been fortunate for us that Absecon Mills provides more yardage to Irwin Seating Company than any other supplier. While other mills and importers have struggled to keep commitments, Absecon's consistent quality and reliable delivery have allowed Irwin Seating Company to schedule production without interruption.

We have been using Absecon product for years with virtually no customer issues. We also appreciate the great range of products and heavy duty construction. When our customers are looking for good value and quick response, it is a natural to recommend Absecon products.

Finally, Irwin Seating Company appreciates Absecon's commitment to "Made in the USA". The cost benefit of working with a domestic supplier who stands by their product is priceless. We can call and get a response in hours vs. days or weeks. We appreciate this and our customers do too!

Looking forward to years of continued business.

Rick Van Dis • Director of Supply Chain • Irwin Seating Company