Absecon Mills is pleased to announce our first value product program introduction - the ‘Best Value Collection’. This new program will be available with orders placed beginning January 1, 2016. 

  • Great Designs

  • 100% Marquésa Lana

  • Popular Market Colors

  • 200 yard Minimum Order per pattern & color

  • Value driven pricing structure

  • 3 week or less lead-time

We adopted Lean Manufacturing principles to work to continuously improve our business, and it has driven Absecon to become the premier satisfier of customer demand. It has allowed us to reduce waste and increase customer satisfaction, control costs and lead times.  Lean manufacturing allows manufacturers to adopt a philosophy of operation that considers value from the perspective of the customer. In addition, in 2015 we achieved ISO 9001 certification. This is all part of our commitment to provide our customers with the most efficient service, and best value fabrics, prompted by listening and responding to what we hear from you.

Driving our business with continuous improvement enables us to provide our customers with high value products at market competitive prices. Combined with shorter lead-times and in many cases, on-demand availability, this provides you with maximum project planning flexibility and quick response capability.

With the implementation of these programs and objectives, we are able to introduce our first market leading program, providing high quality, market-proven products at great prices. These are available in a 3 week or less lead-time, and requires only a 200-yard minimum per pattern & color.

Contact your sales representative for more information.