As a leader in environmental initiatives, Absecon Mills continues to bring innovative new technologies to the contract industry with the introduction of GreenShield™

GreenShield is a low fluorocarbon treatment, certified by SCS* as an Indoor Advantage Gold Product. This finish uses up to ten times less fluorocarbons than other finishes and one third the chemicals without compromising moisture resistance, stain-resistance or non-flammibility. Absecon has been instrumental in bringing the GreenShield brand of environmentally friendly water and stain repellent finishes into the contract market, and is one of the first mills to launch fabric collections that carry the GreenShield brand of environmentally friendly water and stain repellent finishes.

GreenShield treated fabrics have no VOC's (volatile organic compounds). The GreenShield finish does not use formaldehyde, and due to the significantly reduced chemistry, the GreenShield finish dramatically improves colorfastness on most fabrics. This nanoparticle-based finish does not change a fabric's breathability. GreenShield finish is an inorganic nanoparticle-based multifunctional finish that provides a fabric not only water and stain repellency, but also can provide anti-odor (microbe and bacteria resistant), antistatic and flame retardant properties.

The GreenShield finish is available on Absecon's Retrospective collection and many other fabrics in our sustainable fabrics line. Absecon expects this finish will become the standard for sustainable and environmentally kind fabrics.

*Scientific Certification Systems