Environmental Policy

Absecon makes every effort to be accountable for our environment. The relationship between our manufacturing facility and the community in which we operate is of paramount importance to us. We are located in the New Jersey Pinelands, a highly preserved area of over a million acres of forests, farms, rivers and tea-colored streams. Eighty-five percent of our raw materials are recyclable, leaving virtually no waste by-products or reside in the manufacturing process.

Absecon Mills is focused on being a responsible corporate entity. We make every effort to practice accountability for our environment in every way possible. Our application of the lean manufacturing process has substantially cut waste and resulted in greater efficiency and energy usage. While this is a valuable tool in remaining respectful of the world we live in, Absecon recognizes that our responsibility does not end there. A large portion of our best selling products reflect our dedication to preserving the environment in any way possible.

Absecon's use of olefin yarns in much of our production represents a mode of manufacturing that not only prevents damage to the environment, but actually helps improve it by utilizing waste products from gasoline manufacturing. It is a by-product of post-industrial waste and its manufacture produces no waste product. Additionally, it is a low temperature product, so it requires less energy to produce than other types of yarn. It has built in resistance to staining and wear, eliminating the need for after market stain resistant finishes, such as Teflon®. It is recyclable and has high heat-production upon incineration. It is unique in its utilization of conservation methods from inception to disposal.


In a continuing effort to promote environmental viability, Absecon Mills has opted to participate in New Jersey's Clean Power Choice Program. By utilizing wind power in our operations and manufacturing processes, Absecon is maintaining its commitments to sustainability by exploring alternative energy sources.

Absecon Mills is continually striving to find ways to help preserve our environment, increase energy efficiency and reduce waste. We believe this is more that a goal, it is a necessary and a key obligation of every responsible manufacturing program.